Naked Dragon by Annette Blair

Works Like Magick, Book 1

Berkley Sensation


ISBN: 978-0425232002

Reviewed by Jo




Bastian Dragonelli has been many things in his life--a Roman Warrior, a dragon and he just landed on Earth as a human again.  Basitan, his brother dragons and friends are fighting a sorceress who would destroy them all.  Bastian has landed on Earth with a mission, he has to defeat the test set up for him by the evil sorceress.  His success will allow the next of his brother dragons to arrive and do the same.  Basitian’s only help here on Earth are two creatures that came through the veil with him and a magical human, Vivica Quinlan, who was waiting for him.

McKenna Greylock is trying her hardest to save the family property from a developer who wants the property at any price.  McKenna’s family is old and magical, however, she is the non-magical member at this point.  Being able to keep the property from foreclosure might prove impossible if McKenna doesn’t get some good luck on her side.  The days are counting down quickly and the only luck she’s had so far is bad as she tries to turn the place into a bed and breakfast.  McKenna decides to visit her magical cousin, Vivica to see about hiring a handyman who can work hard, cheaply and perform miracles.  After all, Vivica does own Works Like Magick, a placement agency and has a wondrous reputation.

Bastian knows McKenna is his mission as soon as he sees her at the agency.  Now he just has to figure out how to help her and complete his mission.  McKenna is attracted to Bastian but she has a terrible track record with men and has decided to keep the line between them as employer/employee.  Too bad everything inside her wants to explore what could be between them.  Accidents happen all around and Bastian recognizes it’s from his enemy, but McKenna’s success or failure at her bed and breakfast is a mystery to him.  With danger coming from various directions and the attraction heating to the melting point, Bastian and MeKenna will need every ounce of inner strength to win the day and discover their happy ever after.

When you hire a dragon, even unknowingly, expect sparks to fly.  Naked Dragon begins the tale of dragons coming to Earth with Bastian and McKenna.  McKenna is the last of her family line and tries with everything she has to hold on to her legacy.  Bastian only knows about fighting to win, but when he finds himself on Earth he discovers an even better reason to fight – for love.  When I first met McKenna I thought the blip was wrong and she might have been the dragon as she used sarcasm and a rough exterior to hide her tender heart.  Bastian soon discovered as I did just how loving and determined McKenna was.  Sparks and humorous quips became flames and heated encounters pretty fast while Bastian learned how to help McKenna. They both discovered who their friends and enemies were, which led to an ending that had me holding my breath.  The final outcome was one that made me cheer for Bastian and McKenna.  Naked Dragon has humor, danger, magic and a wondrous love woven into the threads of time into the present.  I can’t wait for the next Works Like Magick novel.


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