Nice Girls Don't Live Forever by Molly Harper

Jane Jameson, Book 3

Pocket Star


ISBN: 978-1416589440

Reviewed by Jo




Jane Jameson, a childrenís librarian turned vampire, finally got away on a vacation with her boyfriend and sire, Gabriel Nightengale.  What should have been a great European trip turned bad fast for Jane.  Gabriel receives notes he isnít showing Jane, disappears without an explanation, and heís very, very testy.  When Jane discovers a woman is sending the notes, she leaves.  But itís not like Jane has nothing to do with her new bookstore opening soon. Add to that, she has just been accepted to the Chamber of Commerce, her best friends are having a baby very soon, and her sister, Jenny, is still out to make Janeís undead life as difficult as possible.

Ignoring the Gabriel problem, Jane soon discovers that Courtneyís have over taken the Chamber and are worse than any creature of the night as far as Jane can see.  But a determined businessperson, as Jane wants to be, is going to see the funny side of it and do her assignments Ė no matter how distasteful.  What isnít funny is that Jane has begun getting nasty messages from someone who seems to know all about her and Gabriel.  Small and large things are just getting too complicated all the sudden.  Is it undead Karma or does someone(s) have a reason for wanting Jane to go from undead to just dead?

What to do when your undead life just wonít settle down?  Nice Girls Donít Live Forever is the third installment in this series as Jane learns about her new life as a vampire.  I found that Jane and her friends live their lives with a rare form of sarcastic humor.  Watching as Jane worked at making sense of all the chaos around her, I wondered if becoming immortal was really worth it.  While I really enjoyed the humor, I had to wonder why everything seemed to be a major and huge complication that just added to the stress level.  I have to say that minor complaint is the only one I could find, which isnít much.  Like all good romances, I found that love (both good and bad) was the cause and the result of this chaotic peek into Janeís life.   Nice Girls Donít Live Forever is a humor filled check-in on a fun-loving librarian turned vampire.  Sure to make you smile.


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