Once in a Blue Moon by Kimberly Hunter

Cobblestone Press

Paranormal M/M

ISBN: 978-1-60088-504-4

Reviewed by Lisa




Long ago Nikolas Zannig made a vow to himself – he would never look for his mate or be willing to bond if his mate found him.  Painful memories from the past made Nik’s decision the right one as far as he is concerned.

If Devon Saunders doesn’t find his mate by the end of this blue moon, he won’t ever get the chance to bond with the one person meant solely for him.

As Nik spends the night hiding away in his apartment, Devon is strolling down the street with his friends Kane and Ryan when suddenly he catches his mate’s scent.  Nothing will stop Devon from finding his mate because at last his hopes and wishes are coming true. But what will he do when he finds out that his mate refuses to bond?  Devon figures he has two choices, accept that his mate doesn’t want him or convince Nik that the two of them can overcome any obstacle together.

The fates decree that Once in a Blue Moon love will conquer all!  A fast paced, sweet romance with a healthy dose of lust hits the spot in Once in a Blue Moon.  The only weak point in an otherwise enjoyable tale is how quickly Nik capitulates to Devon after years of moving, hiding, etc… Nevertheless, Once in a Blue Moon is simply lovely.


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