Play Dead by Meryl Sawyer


Sensual Suspense

ISBN: 978-0373774531

Reviewed by Nannette




FBI investigator Ryan Hollister is reluctant to help solve the mystery of Hayley Fordhamís death. Hayley was killed in a car bomb and Ryan isnít sure there is anything he can uncover that the police wonít. After seeing a picture of Hayley then visiting her home, Ryanís sixth sense tells him to help her even if itĎs just attraction speaking to him. The first surprise is that Hayley isnít dead and the next is who might be after her. Once the killer knows he didnít succeed in eliminating Hayley, Ryan knows heíll try again. Everyone seems to like and admire Hayley, so who wants her dead?

The instant and intense connection Ryan feels for Haley is part pre-cognitive intuition and part plain old desire. Itís equaled by his feelings of guilt though. Since losing his wife to cancer, Ryan has led a solitary life, so his sudden attraction to Hayley takes him by surprise and their romantic relationship feels inevitable. Hayley is charming and beautiful. Sheís a savvy businesswoman and a talented artist as well. She is a bit naÔve when it comes to the danger surrounding her, but she handles everything thrown at her admirably.  Play Dead is riveting and suspenseful from beginning to end.


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