Ring of Fire by Lee Avalone

Amber Allure

Paranormal M/M/M

ISBN: 978-1-60272-640-6

Reviewed by Lisa




What is supposed to be an enjoyable evening of sexual pleasure for a half dozen or more demon hunters and one horny, willing vampire turns into a massacre where only Travis Stewart, Aiden Wise, and Volmere the vampire survive.  Although they defend themselves, there is little they can do against a full grown demon and the gruesome deaths prove it.  For some inexplicable reason a second demon comes to their aid, otherwise Travis, Aiden and Volmere would be dead as well.

In the midst of the carnage, Aiden and Travis are still coming to terms with the death of their third partner, although Aiden is willing to admit he feels something for Volmere.  Travis, on the other hand, isnít willing to admit to feeling anything towards a vampire. 

Members of the NCCSC or National Command Center for Supernatural Control of which Travis and Aiden are a part of arrive to grill the three about what happened and why they were spared by the second demon.  Itís vital to figure out what exactly is going on before something else happens.

Ring of Fire boldly mixes eroticism, heart, and a good mystery into an entertaining tale.  Author Lee Avalone ties up a loosely themed series on demon hunters and their lovers in Ring of Fire.  While there is enough basic plot for this to be a standalone tale, Ring of Fire seems more like a wrap up of the characters who werenít matched up yet.  Fans are certain to enjoy hearing from characters in previous NCCSC stories, but newcomers should pick an earlier book first.  Ring of Fire is an extremely explicit, action packed drama that neatly ties up the NCCSC to everyoneís satisfaction.  Beware foggy glass syndrome though, this one is HOT.


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