Serengeti Storm by Vivi Andrews

Serengeti Shifters, Book 2

Samhain Publishing


ISBN: 978-1-60504-875-8

Reviewed by Tanya




Shana ‘Shay’ Delray has been mad at the world for years.  Most especially at the fact that recently the pack Alpha chose someone she sees as a weakling for a mate.  She sees this as being yet again someone who has taken something that was hers, as she had been groomed to be the Alpha’s for as long as she could remember.  Even if she didn’t know who that would be.  Known for her nasty temperament and behavior, she takes off when she is not chosen (see end of Serengeti Heat).  Now she is back, and out for the same thing – the Alpha.

Caleb Minor, the loyal enforcer to the Alpha and the Alpha’s mate’s brother is also Shay’s former lover.  He is the one that she can’t get out of her mind but will he love her enough to yield to her whims, or is he tougher than she gives him credit for?  More importantly what will happen if she decides that maybe the Alpha isn’t who she really wants, will all of her bridges been burnt by then?

Will Shay figure out what she wants and deserves before it is too late?  Or will she continue to let others dictate what she should desire?

Serengeti Storm is the fast paced follow up to Serengeti Heat by Ms. Andrews, and fast paced is an understatement for this story.  I found so much happening it was hard for me to keep up in places.  That being said I think it was well worth the read, and could easily be read as a stand alone story.


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