Star Gazer by Shannon Rouchelle

Devine Destines

Contemporary, Inspirational

Reviewed by Gianna




Life has been difficult for Christine Monroe and she has had to live on the street with no food or money. But her future takes a turn for the better one day when she walks into a diner to look for employment and bumps into Kent Peterson.

Kent Peterson, a successful doctor is enthralled with Christine the moment he sees her. He is able to see past her worn clothes and senses that she is a good person even when everyone else mistreats her. Sally, Kent's daughter is quickly taken by Christine and hopes that her prayers have finally been answered and she will finally get a new mommy.

Shannon Rouchelle warms your heart with Star Gazer. This brief story makes you realize that not everyone who is homeless necessarily chose that life. Christine is a likeable character but with a very low self-esteem. Kent is patient with her and quickly finds himself falling in love. It was good to see the characters grow from the obstacles that were thrown their way. Although I would have like to have seen different facets to Kent Peterson, I found Star Gazer to be charming.


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