Steam by Tymber Dalton

Tasty Treats, Book 7

Siren Publishing

Paranormal M/F/M

ISBN: 1-60601-695-4

Reviewed by Lisa




It’s been eight months since Pavlina ‘Lina’ Zaria found out that she is a goddess incarnated and mated to twin dragon shifters, Jarek ‘Rick’ and Janek ‘Jan’ Alexandr.  Other than Lina blowing up the odd tree at home, everything is going okay. Especially since her Watcher and best friend, Zack Armstrong, found someone for himself, Kael.

Shifters of all types come together twice yearly to the Gathering at Yellowstone National Park.  At the Gathering Lina meets a wolf shifter named Brodey Lyall who’s fallen into a deep depression over a recent breakup.  Events transpire that put Lina and Brodey in harm’s way.  The two must keep their wits about them to survive the danger that will surround them.

Fast pacing, yet superbly detailed, Steam heats up the pages in this action packed drama.  Author Tymber Dalton skillfully blends two previous storylines and their characters from a couple of her very popular series with satisfying results.  Steam can be enjoyed as a standalone story, even with this large cast of known characters.  Steam has some truly hot moments between Lina and her guys, but the emotional aspect, along with the intense drama is what makes this tale so good!


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