Tangled by Karen Erickson

Playing with Fire, Book 2

Samhain Publishing


ISBN: 978-1-60504-876-5

Reviewed by Tanya




Scarlet always seems to want what she can’t have, no matter if it is clothing or men.  This time appears to be no different.  She is super hot for Drake and it appears that no matter how friendly they are she just doesn’t play for the team that Drake likes; in fact he is hot for another coworker of theirs, Trevor.  Now Trevor might be hot but he is also one of the most arrogant actors that Scarlett works with and there is no way she is going to pursue him.

But, will she start to think of Trevor differently when a huge argument with Trevor turns into the hottest sex of her life?

Trevor has always been attracted to Scarlett but she doesn’t seem to want anything to do with him.  When he finally gets his chance will he take it and will he play for fun or for keeps?

Tangled is a highly erotic offering by Karen Erickson.  It was a well plotted story about a girl who likes a boy; boy is gay and likes another boy who in turn likes the girl.  Follow all of that?  If not you will after reading Tangled, which I suggest you do as it is a very entertaining read.  I liked how Ms. Erickson was able to portray the depth of her characters while still having fun with not only their settings but their friends.  I thoroughly enjoyed Tangled and if you like a little spice in your ménage romance than you too will like Tangled.


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