Wary Were by Celia Kyle

Strange Hollow Series, Book 2

Liquid Silver Books

Paranormal M/M/M

ISBN: 978-1-59578-658-6

Reviewed by Lisa




What is supposed to be an evening of fun turns into a nightmare for Christian Jarman, a half wolf and half cat shifter.  Christian barely survived the torture, rape, and abuse forced on him by an evil man and his minions.

Even months later Christian is barely coping around others, still unable to simply touch anyone.   At least his business, Were Web Designs, can be done anywhere, including his new home in Strange Hollow.  Christian is hoping that this move is the right thing to do since Stange Hollow is a place where everyone is other or nonhuman.

Lovers Jarek and Ethan immediately know that Christian is meant for them as soon as they meet, but convincing Christian may take a long, long time.  At this point their newest tenant canít even touch them.  As the couple try to make Christian feel welcome in Strange Hollow someone else has arrived, plotting to get back the one he considers his personal property.  Little does Christian realize that good and evil are battling with him as the ultimate prize.

Wary Were weaves an emotional drama packed with suspense, action, and tenderness to great effect as the characters tackle a difficult subject matter.  While Christian has gone through hell and back his mates have wit, humor, and unconditional love to offer the traumatized shifter.   The chemistry and the angst are palatable in the pages of Wary Were and thatís what makes this story so good.  The only weak point is the actual climax, the scene itself ends so quickly itís barely noticed.  Having said that, I thoroughly enjoyed Wary Were and fell in love with Christian and his two mates, Jarek and Ethan.


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