What looks like Crazy by Charlotte Hughes



ISBN: 978-0-515-14423-9

Reviewed by Emma




Trying to build her clinical psychologist business might just land Kate Holly in a psych ward. Between the stress of divorcing the hot hunk she is still in love with, her well-meaning art/junk collecting aunt and mother, her wonderful – yet whacky – secretary, and of course her psychiatrist ex-boyfriend with his fetishes, life may never be normal or relaxed for Kate ever again.

What looks like Crazy straight out made me giggle. Charlotte Hughes links the reader with moments in the readers past where they felt they had no control, or hope of control, and made it enjoyable to relive. I enjoyed her writing style so much I went out and purchased several more of her books just to keep on enjoying her writing style again and again. What looks like Crazy is a great book for the beach, the bus (if you don’t mind getting started at for giggling out loud), or the living room on a rainy day.


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