Yes, My Mistress by Jennifer Cole

Le Club d'Esclavage, Book 3

Lyrical Press


ISBN: 978-1-61650-113-6

Reviewed by Gianna



A fierce curiosity and determination is the catapult that begins a series of events that changes Dani Miller’s life. Dani is the best kind of friend and daughter who is always willing to lend a shoulder, and just as eager to jump into work when needed. An article in the magazine In the Know leads Dani to Le Club d’Esclavage, a BDSM club, where she sees the opportunity to explore her desire to dominate a man sexually, and Mike Ranger is just that man.

Mike Ranger is floored when he first lays eyes on Dani Miller. His entire being cries out that she is his. The only obstacle is that she wishes to be his Mistress and he now has to wait until the right time to reveal his Dominant side.

Yes, My Mistress is the third book in Jennifer Cole’s Le Club d’Esclavage series. It finally explains Dani and Mike’s history. Although I don’t believe you have to read the series in order, it did round out some of the details found in the first two books. If I could use one word to describe Yes, My Mistress it would be: intense. Dani and Mike’s sexual tension was extremely palpable and the boiling point proved to be well worth it.


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