A Maiden of Mercy by Brenda Williamson

Dragon Fighter Romance, Book 2

e-Red Sage

Erotic Paranormal/Shapeshifter/Historical

ISBN: 978-1-60310-428-9

Reviewed by Talia Ricci




Lady Juliette Lindhurst has been waiting for what seems like forever for Sir Kilburn Pembroke to return to his home.  She has loved him forever it seems and now she can’t wait to see him again – she needs his help to alleviate an arranged marriage.  However, one audience with the man she desires is heartbreaking.  The man she loves, the forceful dragon knight she remembers, wants nothing to do with her.  It is up to Juliette to change his mind.

Juliette looked upon Kilburn as a savior and that was more than apparent once they were together.  And to me, that is a hard gig to get right and a lot of pressure.  But I also understand her fears.  She is in love with Kilburn and her father wants to marry her to someone else.  This all worried me until I stopped and actually paid attention to how much Kilburn fought his attraction to Juliette.  She is like his Achilles heel and while he nonchalantly treated her like he did, his heart felt so much more.

A Maiden of Mercy by Brenda Williamson was a good read – but it wasn’t ‘great’.  I had issues with Kilburn from the start, but couldn’t get past the fact that he seemed stilted and accommodating instead of actually being in love.  Brenda Williamson has awesome books out in print and digital formats – A Maiden of Mercy just isn’t one of them.


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