A Table for Three by Lainey Reese

New York, Book 1

Samhain Publishing

Erotic Contemporary/Ménage/Suspense/BDSM

ISBN: 9781605049878

Reviewed by Talia Ricci




Riley Ramirez is thrilled to death to be in New York City.  She has taken a job with a successful bank and has just arrived in town. Getting her chatty cab driver to drop her off at THE night spot takes some doing, but finally Riley is in the booth of the club totally enjoying the music, ambiance, and watching the people around her.  Then he steps to her booth, shutters go up, and Riley’s inhibitions go down.

Kincade Marshall doesn’t know why his bouncer let in little “Miss Innocent”, but she has to go.  The owner of one of the most successful nightclubs in New York City, Kincade sees the woman for what she is – a fish out of water.  Deciding to kick her out of his club by showing her exactly what her eyes are asking for, Kincade is in for THE surprise of his life when not only does Riley give in to his dominate demands, she totally rocks his world.  Finding himself carrying this beautiful woman into his penthouse, Kincade keeps thinking of one thing.

He can’t wait for his best friend Trevor Wellington to meet her.  Is Riley the woman Kincade thinks she is? Is she the woman both Kincade and Trevor have been yearning for?  Both men seem to think so, but a sinister, unknown threat forces them to rethink their objectivity towards Riley.  Her life is in danger and they can’t find the culprit.  Do they give up or fight for what is right in their grasp?

A Table for Three is one fiery hot and passionate book.  Add in the romantic suspense and D/s and there is nothing about this fiery novel that I didn’t like.  Riley made me smile – her absolute enthrallment with her new home reminded me of a giddy, innocent teenager experiencing something for the first time. Riley’s love for Kincade and Trevor happened very quickly, but I had no doubts as to her love for these two erotic and sexy men.  Both were dominant and knew it and they made Riley crave the submission they demanded.  And I craved it for her as well!

A Table for Three is definitely not your average everyday contemporary romance.  The love scenes are filled with dominant men and the woman that completes them.  Each touch is filled with hunger, hotness, and holy cow, total ménage goodness.  I can’t wait to read this sizzling book again!


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