Bad Angels: Burn by Belinda McBride

Bad Angels, Book 2

Changeling Press

Paranormal, Dark Fantasy, M/M/F

ISBN: 978-1-60521-259-3

Reviewed by Patrice F.




After being attacked, Rex Clark lies fatally injured at the bottom of a ravine.  Heís given up hope of ever saying goodbye to his lover, Rion Hunter, until the succubus, Anahita, discovers him.  She sets out, in hopes of saving Rexís life, to find Rion, despite the fact heís never liked her and resents her parasitic connection Rex.  He is beyond grateful, arriving just in time to rescue his partner and rush him to a nearby reservation clinic.

Dr. Noemi Gastineau is startled by the supernatural males that appear on her doorstep.  Due to her background, she is no stranger to the unusual, the mystical.  What is odder is her instant attraction to both men.  Before she has time to understand her feelings she is swept into their world; a place of light and darkness, where Sidhe, fallen angels, mortals, and demons battle it out.

Bad Angels: Burn is dynamic.  It delivers as the intelligent, erotically charged sequel to Bad Angels.  For me, it was exciting to meet new characters and to reunite with earlier ones.  Overall, this second offering is more low key yet not less intense, since there is a lot of build-up.  Burn delivers jalapeno pepper, high noon desert sun oven, and nuclear red-hot complex storytelling without exploding to leave behind a confused mess.  This author is well organized, creative, and insightful; she knows how to take the story to each level.  Happily, Iím already looking forward to reading and reviewing the next book, especially from all the loaded nudges, foreshadowing, and hints that can best be described as fascinating, well placed teases.

The continuation of Rexís and Rionís story is fueled by Noemiís direct involvement.  Sinister adversity bolsters the plot allowing plenty of room for action, torrid romance, and bubbling secrets.  Angst and conflict keep the narrative intriguing and another mythical pantheon is introduced.  The best parts about this series are the endless revelations.  After reading this latest installment, I get the feeling that Belinda McBride is just warming things up, everything is about to get darker, hotter, and dangerous.  This leaves anyone that hasnít read the first book time to catch up.  This an amazing, fabulous tale of love and lust, good and evil, trust and betrayal, free will and coercion that will leave you bursting with lots of question and an overwhelming need to continue discovering more about Rex, Rion, and Noemi.  If thatís not enough to get you worked up, I can assure you that the cover more than lives up to whatís inside.  And how often does that happen?


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