Born to be Wild by Christine Warren

The Others, Book 8

St. Martins Press


ISBN: 978-0312357191

Reviewed by Jo




Josie Barrett is a vet in a small Northwest town where humans and others have lived together peacefully for several years. Josie has a deal with the local doctor: she will deal with the four-legged patients and he will deal with the two-legged ones. This works fine until a female wolf is brought to Josie, badly injured.  During her inspection of the wolf, Josie discovers the wolf is actually a shifter who has life threatening injuries. Josie has no choice but to take care of the female immediately.

Eli Pace is the sheriff and also a lion shape shifter. Eli found the wolf and even though he knows she is a shifter, he takes her to Josie for two reasons Ė she is in her four-legged form; and he knows the doctor is out of town. What he canít figure out is why the wolf hasnít started healing like normal, and why she didnít shift back to human when injured. Something is wrong this picture in Eliís mind.  He might be able to put more attention to it but the vet keeps distracting him every time he thinks about her.

Josie canít figure out what is wrong with the wolf, and then suddenly she has two wolves acting the same way and they are getting worse. Josie and Eli canít find any answers to their investigation on the illness affecting the wolves, but they are making strides in their personal discovery of each other. As the days go by, Eli and Josie learn just how bad this illness is and how it could destroy their townís peace. An old foe has come back to their area and nothing except the destruction of all shifters will please them. Will Eli and Josie be able to find a way to stop the illness and those spreading it before it gets totally out of control? And more importantly, will they find a way to bring a Mars mind and a Venus mind into a harmony that will give them years of loving?

A vet and a cop learn that love doesnít matter whether it arrives on two legs or four. Born to Be Wild joins Josie, the town vet with Eli, the town sheriff, just has they discover each other and a deadly threat to their town of Stone Creek, Oregon. Josie loves working with animals, but as a life time resident of Stone Creek she sees shifters as humans no matter what form they are in and therefore not her patient. Eli has no choice but to take an injured wolf to Josie and then convince her to treat it Ė even though he knows itís a shifter. The sparks that shoot up between Eli and Josie are instant, and combined with tongue in cheek humor that I loved from the minute they met. I laughed as the pages flipped by watching the interactions between Josie and Eli. They truly do make you understand the men-are-from-Mars-and-women-are-from-Venus point of view. I found their romance was a great relief to the backdrop of bigotry and small mindedness that was involved. I truly enjoy when Christine shows us Others besides the ones in New York. Born to Be Wild combines humor, the heat of a new passion, and an element of danger in a way that will delight you from the first page until the last. A great addition to your shape shifter library.


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