Burning Up Flint by Laurann Dohner

Cyborg Seduction Series, Book 1

Elloraís Cave

Futuristic Science Fiction

ISBN: 9781419926747

Reviewed by Lisa




Onboard a shuttle from Space Station Abaccas to Earth, Mirasia ĎMiraí Carver finds herself in an unbelievable situation when the small ship is stopped and boarded by cyborgs.  Earth history states that cyborgs were destroyed over a generation ago, but one long look at the cyborg leader and Mira is glad they survived.

The plan is to stop the shuttle and collect whatever materials they can without consigning the humans to certain death before reaching Earth.  When Flint gets a look at Mira he knows exactly what he wants to take off the shuttle.

Mira and Flint are quite willing to accept the desire and instant connection they feel without question.  Unfortunately, itís the human emotions and cyborg rules that continually trip up their burgeoning love.  Misunderstandings may rip this pair apart before they ever get the chance to bond.

Opposites attract and passions explode in Burning Up Flint.  Miscommunication is what fuels Burning Up Flint with love and understanding the key.  Itís right to sympathize with Miraís plight, but she comes off as thoughtless to consequences at times while Flintís dictatorship ways during lovemaking leaves me wondering how Mira ever got excited.  The main characters have chemistry, but failed to connect with me at times.  Burning Up Flint is original and intriguing and even though I didnít always understand them, I still enjoyed the story and Iím looking forward to reading book two.


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