Claimed by a Scottish Lord by Melody Thomas


Sensual Historical

ISBN: 978-0061898709

Reviewed by Nannette




Although Ruark Kerr and Rose Lancaster have just met, their lives are deeply entwined.  Ruark has recently returned home after being at sea for the last thirteen years to set his brother Jamie free from imprisonment. Lord Herford, the warden who has imprisoned Jamie, is an old foe of Ruark’s family and, as it turns out, Rose’s father. Ruark takes Rose hostage intending to exchange her for his brother’s freedom, but the more time they spend together, the more Ruark and Rose like each other.  Fighting their attraction becomes impossible. If Ruark uses Rose to free his brother, he’ll lose the woman he’s come to love.

Rose is no docile captive in Claimed by a Scottish Lord, but she recognizes the futility of resisting her fate. Her attraction to Ruark adds to her acquiescence.  Rose is graceful and dignified. She’s passionate and strong. These traits, along with her beauty, are what draw Rurak to her. Ruark is a warrior, yet he is compassionate as well. He is in a seemingly impossible position. Does he free his brother or keep the woman he loves? The attraction between Rose and Ruark simmers with sensuality like magic in the air around them. Their desire for each other is tangible and their emotions easy to read. Claimed by a Scottish Lord is an enchanting and timeless tale where a perfect love is found in the depths insurmountable odds.


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