Dangerous by Diana Palmer

Long, Tall, Texans



ISBN: 978-0373774593

Reviewed by Nannette




Several years ago, FBI agent Kilraven’s wife and daughter were brutally murdered. His only thoughts since have been of revenge. Nothing will get in his way, not even sweet Winnie Sinclair. When an opportunity arises to find out who killed his family, Kilraven jumps on it, even of it means Winnie gets hurt in the process. Winnie has loved Kilraven for as long as she can remember and she’ll take whatever she can get from him, even if it’s temporary. When Winnie’s life is threatened, Kilraven may realize too late how much Winnie really means to him.

Diana Palmer strikes a winning combination with Ben and Winnie in Dangerous. Winnie heals Kilraven’s broken heart and cracks the wall he has built around himself. In the process, she has to deal with his obstinate and often over-bearing attitude, though. The anguish that Kilraven feels is staggering. A lot of his surliness and single-minded intensity towards finding the killer is understandable, but there is also a sense that he’s a guy who takes what he wants and damn the consequences as well. Winnie gets caught up in a mess that is sure to break her heart because of her feelings for Kilraven.  She’s a bit naive and a hopeless romantic when it comes to him. Kilraven knowingly uses her to get what he wants. While there is a lot of excitement, angst, and drama in Dangerous, the storyline and dialog are a bit old fashioned. Even some of the characters admit to it!


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