Dark Man by KyAnn Waters

Blood Slaves, Book 3

Elloraís Cave

Paranormal M/M with some M/M/M

ISBN: 9781419924668

Reviewed by Shayna




Vance Autry is determined to ferret out who killed his friend Seth.  He knows that someone in the exclusive all-male fetish club The Catacombs was the last person to see Seth.  To get information, Vance moves in close to Tac, the owner of The Catacombs.  What Vance doesnít count on is the rush of desire he feels for Tac, or what exists behind the world of The Catacombs.

Theron, the Master Vampire known in The Catacombs as Tac, will do anything to keep vampiresí existence safe and secret.  He does, however, want to bring Vance into his world as a blood slave.  Vance doesnít want to be a blood slave, but he does want to be Theronís lover.  Can Theron keep his promise not to bite Vance?  And what happens when the most powerful vampire in his sect falls irrevocably in love with a human?

Dark Man is the Blood Slaves book I have been waiting for.  Ever since meeting Theron in the first installment of the series, Ice Man, I have craved his story.  Theron is seductive, charming, and wildly sexual.  His book is, of course, all these things as well, but something about Dark Man fell a bit short for me.  I had expected more of Theronís story perhaps, given his position in vampire society and the build up to his book, so it was a slight letdown that Dark Man was on the same level as Ice Man and Iron Man.  This doesnít make Dark Man a bad book, just not all that I hoped for.  Part of that was due to Vance.  While a decent fellow, he isnít as likeable for me as the rest of the heroes in the series.  This means that the romance in Dark Man lacked the punch I had been hoping for.

Dark Man is the third story in the Blood Slaves series and it can be read as a standalone.  However, readers who have not yet read Ice Man and Iron Man will get some spoilers for those books in Dark Man.  That being said, had I not read the first two stories in the series I might have liked Dark Man a whole lot more.  Overall, Dark Man was an enjoyable read, though it was not as compelling as Ice Man and Iron Man.  I do hope that KyAnn Waters writes more Blood Slaves stories (I find the blood slave Drake particularly intriguing) and I eagerly await a return to The Catacombs.


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