Dragul Rising by Marie Treanor

Dragul Series

Changeling Press

Sci-Fi Futuristic

ISBN: 978-1-60521-344-6

Reviewed by Patrice F.




“Dragul Dawn”

Part vampire, part were-wolf Beth is sent from the City of the Damned with a representative of a rival city to the Highlands to test the area for radiation leftover from past nuclear devastation.  When the mutant scientist travels too far off course while working, she discovers a winged alien male from past dreams.

This delicious intro to the world of the Dragul is just what I needed to knock me out of the rainy day April doldrums.  Beth and Aurel are smart, feisty and strong enough to face all the challenges they meet on the battlefield of love, along with impending danger/doom.  After reading “Dragul Dawn”, I was relieved knowing there was more to come because I couldn’t wait to dive into the rest of the trilogy.


“Dragul in Daylight”

When Danna the Dragon Dancer is captured by violent, ambitious Dome dwellers, she is rescued by Michael, a mutant cop from the City.  The attraction between them is instant and electric.  Michael struggles to focus on his good will mission with the Dragul while searching for answers.  Without them, both he and Danna will lose their chance at happiness.

In “Dragul in Daylight” the central plot of Dragul existence and survival is the main focus, packing a big wallop when it swerves the direction of the narrative.  Michael and Danna are at the center of the maelstrom, and I was pleased at how well the author uses the vehicle of the story’s subplot to carry the main angst ridden issues along.  Of course, things are hot, heavy and downright inventively carnal.  Sexual tension rules, engages, and wins!  Suffice to say I couldn’t wait to plunge right into the next segment. 


“Dragul in Darkness”

Although born a mutant in the City of the Damned, Eve has established a life and career in the Dome.   The price is that she is not trusted by either side.   Still, she is part of the Dome delegation chosen to speak on the behalf of the Dome at the conference called by the Dragul King, Vasil, now that his people have been ‘outed’.   As a leader and visionary, Eve’s goals are beyond the petty squabbles and power plays.  She expects the Dragul King to be little more than a puppet or figurehead.  What she finds is that the powerful, darkly entrancing ruler is a force to be reckoned with.

Eve’s and Vasil’s story is the highlight of Dragul Rising, the perfect ending to the trilogy.  It doesn’t disappoint except for leaving you hungrier than when you started. The anticipation is strongest in “Dragul in Darkness” because the author teases with Vasil‘s and Eve’s presence from earlier appearances.  The plot twist ending only adds fuel to the fire. This dynamic pair takes the story to a new level that had me wondering why I hadn’t grabbed this series sooner.


Dragul Rising is a passionate triad of stories bursting with sexual tension, political angst and intrigue, and engaging characters that will keep and ignite your interest.  This collection is fabulous and original in concept by using the alien Dragul (who might not be so alien after all), and where they fit as the balance and future of Post Apocalyptic earth and humanity is shifted  and changed by their existence.  I’m interested in not just continuing the series but in backtracking to the beginning by reading the City of the Damned collection; all the better to delve into the history of Beth’s, Michael’s and Eve’s parents.  I was able to read the Dragul portion without the earlier pieces; the fact that I’m captivated proves just how effectively and well Marie Treanor has created this world.  The best word to sum it all up in its entirety is fabulous.  Now go grab a copy and start reading.  Now.


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