Feather Torn by Lorie O’Clare

Raptor’s Revealed, Book 4

Ellora’s Cave


ISBN: 9781419927850

Reviewed by Jo




Rock Halk is one of the three Halk Owls who keep the peace in Banff, not only with the owls, but he also helps with the leopards when needed to. The last year has been a rocky one with leopards moving into the mountains, all his nest mates mating and beginning nests of their own, and meeting Darla and flying with her. Owls don’t show emotion but Rock is beginning to learn that with one person emotion is a good thing.

Darla Sheridan has fallen in love with her newest best friend, Rock. What isn’t to love, as he is a man of honor, flies with honor and is from one of the most prestigious nests in Banff. Only problem is, Darla is a leopard and she shows every emotion as it hits her – the total opposite of owls. Plus, everyone knows species don’t inter-mate.

Rock and Darla know that while their respective families like the other person, they both know that once their real relationship becomes general knowledge the families will never agree to it. The timing couldn’t be worse as Darla discovers that jaguars have been brought onto the mountain and to Banff to kill a leader – which means that they are either after Kane from her den, or Heath from his nest.  Rock and Darla try to put their issues away until the danger is over, but some things just can’t be ignored. The question is, will this conflict drive a wedge so when the danger comes, a loved one will die because they can’t work together?

A forbidden love can either tear families apart or bring them closer together. In Feather Torn Rock and Darla have to fight to find a way to keep their den and nest’s together while showing everyone just how strong their love is. Danger surfaces close to home when Rock and Darla discover they have to fulfill the relationship that has been growing slowly during the past year. After reading about both Rock and Darla’s individual families, I wondered how they could find a way to stay together. I watched as both families forcibly showed their anger at the relationship, totally forgetting they liked the person involved. My heart went out to Rock and Darla several times while they stayed true to themselves. I truly hope that the outcome of the final battle will help the families come back together in the same loving way. If I had to place a bet on it, I would totally back Darla and Rock and say it will happen. True love doesn’t really care if you are a different species, human or not or just a different nationality; its arrows are equal opportunity. Feather Torn has eroticism, danger and most importantly, the type of love that can over come anything. This book is a truly wonderful way to wrap up two intriguing families and their mates.

If you are wondering about Rock and Darla’s siblings, then check out the Raptors Revealed and Leopard Visions series from Ms. O’Clare.


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