Fierce Heat by Celia Kyle and Lizzie Lynn Lee

Liquid Silver Books

Science Fiction M/M/F

ISBN: 978-1-59578-678-4

Reviewed by Lisa




It was meant to be a simple stop at a spaceport for Ferr Segur and Isic Godrey, but fate had other plans for the bonded pair.  Isic had hinted at finding a female and raising cubs, he just didnít know that the cosmos were listening just then.

The ownership of Septarian 9 is split between the greedy, backstabbing Vangali Strogan and Amaya Chabert who breeds and raises wild animals to help repopulate the species.  A little incident with her male tiger brings Amaya running, as well as two strangers who just docked their ship.  As far as introductions go, well it could be worse.  Ferr and Isic are sure that Amaya is the female for them.  Now they just have to convince her.

Fierce Heat is a nice blend of primal passion and non-stop action.  From the beginning Ferr, Isic, and Amaya are either fueling their desires or charging into danger, yet somehow the three alpha types manage to work things out together.  Fast paced and a pleasure to read, Fierce Heat is out of this universe orgasmic fun.


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