Freaks in Love by T. A. Chase

Amber Allure

Futuristic Fantasy M/M

ISBN: 978-1-60272-657-4

Reviewed by Lisa




Since the bomb was dropped a decade ago the Freaks or mutants were herded into Freak Town and the NFs or Non Freaks took over Triad City.  Three crime bosses control sections of Triad City with an iron fist.  A meeting has been called between the bosses so James is there to protect his boss, Peter Valpraiso and Magpie is there with his boss Kilkenny.  When the third boss arrives and the meeting begins they all realize that something isnít right.  Thatís when the bullets start flying.

James is one of the few survivors and even though Magpie is severely injured, James manages to drag him out.  The only way to save Magpie is to take him to a healer in Freak Town, but NFs arenít allowed there.  James has his own reasons for helping Magpie.  Only time will tell if Magpie can accept help or freak out on James.

Leave reality behind and enjoy reading Freaks in Love.  This is one totally original, sexy tale.  Freaks in Love has an inventive plotline and some very unique characters.  James is complex, he needs to be in control, yet heís shy about his feelings for Magpie, who is one feisty little human.  Other than some missing words and typos this is one sweet romance.   Fast pacing, lusty sex, and a fresh storyline bring Freaks in Love to life.


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