His Convenient Virgin Bride by Barbara Dunlop

Silhouette Desire # 2009

Sensual Contemporary

ISBN: 978-0-373-73022-3

Reviewed by Nannette




Stephanie Ryder is manager of Ryder Equestrian Center, part of Ryder International, which is owned by Stephanie and her two brothers, Royce and Jared. Alec Creighton was hired by Royce and Jared to assess their financial standings. Jared and Royce are hiding something they hope Alec will not discover. Soon, Stephanie is hiding a secret of her own, and when her brothers and Alec find out what it is, her life will change forever.

Because Stephanie’s brothers coddle and protect her, she is prone to immature behavior, so as much as it bothers me that they treat her like a child, I did expect it. Stephanie does have her moments, especially at the end, where she acts like a responsible young woman. Alec and Stephanie’s relationship is tumultuous and the best thing that ever happened to Stephanie. While Alec does protect her, he also gives her the freedom to think for herself. His Convenient Virgin Bride is a heart-warming story about finding love where you least expect it.


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