How to Dazzle a Duke by Claudia Dain

The Courtesan Chronicles, Book 4

Berkley Sensation


ISBN: 0425229688

Reviewed by Tanya




In the London society of the ton landing a duke as a husband is considered the highest achievement, as most do not marry for love but for position.  This is exactly what Miss Penelope Prestwick has decided will be her only choice.  She even has the Duke of Edenham in mind as he is the best choice for her, or so she thinks.  She also knows just the person to help her arrange the match, Lady Dalby who appears to be a secret matchmaker, and in fact, appears to have set up at least one of her friends.

When Lady Dalby agrees to help Penelope she does so with more than one motive in mind.  She really wants to set up Penelope with the Marquis of Iveston, who would also protest the match.  But, Lady Dalby gets the two to agree to help each other, albeit reluctantly.  Now it seems all of Society is trying to get in on the action as bets are being placed as to whom Ms. Prestwick will really marry the Duke or the Marquis.

When the strong personalities of Penelope and the Marquis clash while pretending to date will it result in the spark of love, or just frustrations on everyone’s account?

How to Dazzle a Duke is a smartly written humor-filled story which also allows the reader to watch the main characters fall in love, in spite of themselves.  I thoroughly enjoyed the journey Ms. Dain took us on with How to Dazzle a Duke.  Not only is Lady Dalby an intriguing character but her subtle manipulation of two strong people is even better.  I look forward to seeing who else might seek out Lady Dalby’s talents.


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