Illusions by Ann Jacobs

Ellora’s Cave

Erotic Contemporary

ISBN: 9781419928390

Reviewed by Shayna




CIA agent Erienne Duval is on a mission to ferret out a terrorist spy.  Her assignment leads her to famous magician Drake Conover, the man her boss suspects of selling out his country.  Erienne must use any means necessary to get close to Drake and determine his guilt or innocence…including seduction.  But what’s an agent to do when she finds herself falling under her target’s spell?

Sex, spies, and sleight-of-hand tricks fill the pages of the ever-so-erotic Illusions.  Ann Jacobs starts this adventure out hot and never lets up, so make sure you have a fan nearby when reading.  I enjoyed Illusions, but I must admit the romance aspect happened a little too quickly for me; the story might have benefited from a longer format where readers get to know Erienne and Drake a bit better outside of sexual situations.  Still, if you’re for a red-hot good time, Illusions fits the bill.


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