I Love Rock N Roll by Carol Lynne

Bodyguards in Love, Book 3


Contemporary M/M

ISBN: 978-0-85715-049-3

Reviewed by Lisa




As a boy in Des Moines he was known as Jimmy Cook. These days heís the world famous rock star Keifer Zane and someone is stalking him.

The Three Partnerís Protection Agency is hired to guard Keifer and itís been decided that Archer Brant will go undercover as Archer Adams, Keiferís boyfriend.  Since Keifer was recently Ďoutedí they will use one of the agencyís gay bodyguards to protect him.

Of course it would help if Archer and Keifer could manage to keep their minds on business instead of constantly undressing each other with their eyes every time they look at each other.  Somewhere out there a stalker waits and he wants Keifer just as much as Archer does, maybe more.

Unbridled passions explode in I Love Rock N Roll.  The very air becomes combustible when Keifer and Archer are together.  There is suspense and drama with the unknown stalker and a very irritating manager in Benny whose manner and motives leave something to be desired.  Although these characters were introduced in the previous Bodyguards in Love story, I Love Rock N Roll is definitely read as a standalone tale.  Take a steamy, action filled ride with I Love Rock N Roll.


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