Libertineís Kiss by Judith James


Sensual Historical

ISBN: 978-0373775057

Reviewed by Nannette




Elizabeth Walters and William de Veres met as children and became fast friends. Before William left for school, he and Elizabeth swore their love for each other, but Elizabeth hasnít seen William since. One cold rainy night, many years later, William knocks on Elizabethís door seeking shelter. A night of respite turns into a night of passion for them, only William does not remember Elizabeth. They belong to different worlds now; as one of King Charlesí most trusted men, William lives a life of debauchery and opulence and Elizabeth does not fit in, however, William is honor bound to help Elizabeth. Are the vows of children strong enough to withstand the test of time?

Libertineís Kiss is a captivating story of love lost and found. Penned with clarity and emotion, its poignancy is tangible. I was breathless with anticipation after every chapter, desperate for William and Elizabeth to finally find their way back to each other. William and Elizabeth are constant subtle presences in each otherís lives, reminding them of their childhood even when they are apart. The pain of Williamís past shapes the man he becomes. Long absences, brief encounters, a marriage for Elizabeth and numerous lovers for William never dull the bond between them. It may be buried for a time, but itís never gone. Their love is a part of them. Itís an undeniable force that becomes an unquenchable thirst. Libertineís Kiss is a wonderful story of passion, promises made and broken, and a love that stands the test of time.


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