Major Pleasure by Denise A. Agnew

By Honor Bound

Elloraís Cave


ISBN: 9781419925900

Reviewed by Tanya




Jemma has long thought that Army Special Forces Major Blayne Forbes is the hottest man she has ever seen.  He is always a gentleman to her.  Too bad he only sees her as his good friends little sister not the woman she is.  What Jemma doesnít know is that Blayne has always desired her but due to his friendship with her brother knows she is not the one for a casual relationship.  He thinks that there is nothing he could (or is willing to) offer a forever kind of woman.

When Jemma comes to his rescue during a local snowstorm, on his return to the base after an injury overseas, they wind up stranded together.  Maybe Jemma can convince him that she will take what she can get, or he will decide that with one taste of her that he doesnít want to give her up?  You never know what can happen when stranded in a snowstorm.

Major Pleasure was just that, a major pleasure to read.  I think Ms. Agnew has a knack for writing a super strong, but venerable, alpha male character who meets that woman who wonít let him walk all over her, and be his true partner.  I love how the ending happens, with neither character having to give up what makes them who they are, which is not something that is guaranteed.  I realize that is vague but I donít want to give up too much of the ending.  I enjoyed this military flavored romance and hope to read more along the line of Major Pleasure from Ms. Agnew.


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