Miss July by Madison Hayes

Calendar Girls

Elloraís Cave

Erotic Contemporary

ISBN: 9781419927898

Reviewed by Jo




Ben McLaren is restless in his personal life. Lately, his encounters have left him unfulfilled and wanting more. Ben might have an idea why that is, but he isnít going to dwell on a girl who left him years ago with foreseeable regrets. When Ben is told the woman he dreams of is in England and she will be his Miss July, he decides to take the offer of a job there.

Andrea Fitzsimmons has never forgotten her night with Ben, and wonders why he never got in touch with her. Because Andrea figured there was nothing for her back home, she stayed in London to work as a nurse after graduating. However, London is an expensive place and Andrea found herself needing to take on a second job Ė that of an erotic Miss July.

Ben meets up with Andrea in the last place he would have ever guessed Ė working as Miss July in Club Centerfold. The sparks are fast and furious between them, which just adds to the confusion of the night they come face to face again. Ben may not be happy about where he found Andrea, but he isnít going to let anything stop him from keeping her this time.  Misunderstandings and deceit are in their past, and might be in their future if the two canít find the answers that will keep them together for every month of the year.

What can a couple do when both think the other doesnít want them? Ben and Andrea face that question in Miss July. Andrea has dual citizenship and has lived in England since coming for college. Ben came to London hoping that his Miss July would help him put Andrea behind him finally. Ben and Andrea came back together like it was only days instead of years between them, with both wondering why the other never called. As their past unraveled, I wanted to hug both of them for all the hurt that had happened through no fault of their own.  However, I was not surprised that neither was going to let this last chance to be together slip by. The ribbon of humor woven into the story was just the right finishing touch. I also discovered that some love is meant to be when a certain someone decided to help matters along and correct some past wrongs. Miss July is smothered with zings of spicy sex, ribbons of humor and a love that just could not be stopped. A perfect read for when you just want to escape for a bit.


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