Moonís Sweet Poison by Scarlet Hyacinth

Deadly Mates

Siren Publishing

Paranormal M/M

ISBN: 1-60601-779-9

Reviewed by Lisa




The Rook Valley pack is run by a sadistic, arrogant alpha that has picked out a mate for his son Viktor Petrovic, regardless of the fact that he feels no bond with the female and he prefers men.

Normally, challenges and physical altercations resolve pack problems, but Viktor soon learns that his father, Sasha has hired the skills of the Assassin Guild.

Weary of the guilt in his heart and the blood on his hands, Kaiden ĎKaií Hearne wants out.  His brother Jamari promises Kai that if he does one last job he will be released from the Assassinís Guild.  But what is Kai to do when he realizes that he feels a special bond with his prey, a wolf named Viktor.  Events are moving so fast itís becoming impossible to figure out what the mates can do to survive the night and truly bond as one.

Bold and primal, Moonís Sweet Poison is an action packed, sensual delight.  The main characters are fascinating and intriguing.  Viktor prefers to be a lone wolf, yet feels a responsibility towards his pack and Kai abhors everything heís been pressured to do in his life.  Although there is a large cast of characters nobody gets lost or left out of the action. Iím hoping that we hear from the Deadly Mates again, real soon.  Moonís Sweet Poison is passionate, intense and a really enjoyable tale.  Very entertaining indeed!


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