My Darling Caroline by Adele Ashworth



ISBN: 9780061905872

Reviewed by Tanya




Lady Caroline Grayson is sort of an enigma in England she doesn’t want to just practice the “womanly arts” in fact she wants to be recognized and work in the field of botany.  In fact she is probably one of the leading botanists in England, but since she is a woman no one will even listen to her.  As each of her sisters celebrates their betrothals and marriages she is not jealous, she is happy for them.  She thinks that their father has decided to let her live the life she has wanted.  But, she might be a little premature in those thoughts.

In fact Brent Ravenscroft the Earl of Weymerth is suddenly her betrothed.  While she overheard that he was basically blackmailed into it by her father she decides that a marriage of convenience will get them both what they need

Now they are utterly determined to not fall for each other but neither is quite what they seam.  Can they live platonically or will they give in to their desires?  If they do can they get by all the secrets they have kept from each other or will it tear them apart.

Thinking of woman’s rights and the Napoleonic era there are many scenes that come to mind but many always forget that this was during a time that the elite in English society didn’t believe that a woman could think beyond family and potentially needlepoint.  My Darling Caroline deals with a few of these effects head-on as Lady Caroline could be one of the most important botanists of her time but no one, including her family will allow her to follow her dreams.  Knowing this I still felt that Lady Caroline was put forth by Ms. Ashworth as a little cold hearted for much of the story.  But, at the same time I was very intrigued by the writing and wanted to see how My Darling Caroline turned out.


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