My Everything by Julia Rachel Barrett

Cobblestone Press

Erotic Contemporary

ISBN: 9781600885143

Reviewed by Talia Ricci




Years ago, Grace Adams and Ben McCall were in love.  Circumstances changed and they ended up not being together.  Now Grace is a widow and she loved her husband, very much, but has always felt that he deserved more than she gave him Ė after all Ben controlled her heart, even when married to someone else.  Now, however, Ben is back in Graceís life and while he says they canít have forever, Grace refuses to give up hope.

Ben McCall went undercover and into seclusion with the death of his wife and unborn child.  His type of profession is just that dangerous.  When he is called back to the States in order to help a friend in danger, Ben and his friend realize something Ė Ben is the one in danger.  Now he doesnít know who to trust and when Grace Adams, the woman he has never forgotten, comes back into his life, Ben knows that he must keep her safe at all costs.

I adore reading about former lovers finding each other again.  Ben and Grace were special. Grace was strong, stubborn (almost too much) and beautiful.  She kept in touch with Benís family even when he left her without an explanation.  Ben, for all of his secrets, desired the warmth and companionship of a wife, one to come home to and that scared him especially when his first wife was killed.  The fact that a madman is trying to get to Grace makes Ben bonkers and I didnít even suspect the identity of the bad guy until the very end.

I had only one problem with My Everything and that was Benís sister at the very end.  Too stupid to live comes to mind Ė especially with her inability to listen to reason, curtail her stubbornness or even do what she was supposed to do.  The end result of her actions almost ruined the entire book for me.

With a intriguing and highly suspenseful storyline and erotic love scenes that sizzle, My Everything is a good read Ė just ignore Benís sister and all will be well!


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