Necessary Seduction by A.D. Christopher

Ellora’s Cave


ISBN: 9781419925665

Reviewed by Tanya




What would you do if you were attracted to two males that just happen to be mated in a society that is short of females?  Well, if you are Mercy you will take the chance to have what you have always wanted, and go after the men, even if means being ostracized from your adopted family.

Warrior-mated Caleb and Kerrick can’t believe Mercy’s indecent proposal.  But decide that they can be with her for one night without risking their lives or status in the pack, as long as it is in secret.  The only problem is it appears that Mercy’s attraction to the pair is not a secret and someone is out to kill her.  What will her warriors think about this?  And will one night be enough for them?

Oooh, yummy.  Multiple partners at the same time and were-leopards to boot, what more could you want in a fast paced shifter story.  Oh, well a little erotic loving doesn’t hurt either.  A.D. Christopher is able to parody how our society seems to view anything out of the normal m/f relationships in Necessary Seduction and she does a wonderful job in showing the feelings of the characters, and the dangers to them.  Necessary Seduction was an erotic and fast paced read that I think many will enjoy.


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