Never Marry a Stranger by Gayle Callen

Sons of Scandal, Book 3



ISBN: 978-0-06-123507-8

Reviewed by Tanya




Miss Emily Grey is plucked from the water by the dashing Captain Matthew Leland and his kindness, in her time of loss, cements that she loses he heart to him.  So while she falls in love with Capt. Matthew he doesn’t know this and is still shipped off to India the next day.

Shortly after it is announced the Captain has died while in India, Emily shows up at his family’s estate claiming to be his bride.  The little white lie looked to be innocent and his family easily took her in.  Unfortunately, when Captain Leland shows up at home not only is his family shocked at his arrival but he is shocked to find he apparently has a wife.  He finds this an interesting turn of events and decides to play along to be able to expose Emily’s scheme.

What neither expects to happen is that they just might be well matched for each other and even be destined to be together.

Gayle Callen has shown again why she is a highly popular historical romance writer with Never Marry a Stranger.  Both Emily and Matthew were well written characters who were not perfect but whose flaws made them even more likeable characters.  Never Marry a Stranger shows again why telling a “little white lie” can come back to haunt you, or in this case come back from the dead.  If you haven’t added this historical to your collection I think you should.


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