No Deal by Christy Poff

Whiskey Creek Press

Erotic Contemporary/Romantic Suspense

ISBN: 978-1-60313-675-4

Reviewed by Talia Ricci




Alicia has been married for year to a man she despises.  He is controlling and often violent and treats Alicia with contempt most of the time.  Alluding her husband is something that Alicia has a hard time doing, but if she has learned anything over the last twenty years it is how to manipulate.  When her husband holds his annual auction for charity and fails to win her bid, Alicia laughs inside while watching her husband struggle to maintain his composure.  Blake, the man who won her company for a date, is someone Alicia instantly relates with and her attraction to him is one thing she has to keep hidden.  If she doesn’t, he could wind up dead.

Blake and Alicia’s sexual attraction and intensity was evident from the first time they saw each other.  Blake knows that Alicia is like a gilded bird and he knows how important it is to keep her safe and out of the hands of her abusive husband.  After years of searching for the one woman to spend his life with, Blake is filled with hope when his bid for a date with Alicia is unmatched.  He knows that any move he makes could harm the woman he loves and so their relationship begins in secret.

Because Alicia and Blake must be careful, every single touch and kiss counted.  Their world was only theirs for hours at a time each time they could get together.  Add in a plot twist and Blake’s reaction to this, and author Christy Poff caught me, reeled me in, and I was unable to stop reading.

No Deal is mysterious at times and erotic.  Human emotions that are realistic make this a worthy read.


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