Out of Body by Stella Cameron

Court of Angels, Book 1


Paranormal Thriller

ISBN: 978-0778327622

Reviewed by Jo




Marley Millet works as a restorer for the family business – an antique store in the French quarter of New Orleans. Marley’s family is an old one in the quarter – a family with various special gifts. Marley can “travel” outside her body to wherever she wants to go, along with other psychic abilities. Right now Marley hopes to never have to use that ability again, but when she begins seeing two women tortured and killed that choice is taken out of her hands.

Gray Fisher is an ex-detective who is now a freelance writer. Gray loves his new job and all the people he meets while doing it. At least these people aren’t someone he will have to arrest, but then two of the jazz signers Gray just interviewed disappear mysteriously. Gray wants to know what happened – especially when one shows up dead.

Marley and Gray end up together in an unusual and unlikely team with the help of a detective friend of Gray’s. Marley learns that an ancient enemy of her family’s is back – the Embran—and the Millets are on their list it seems. While trying to track down the final movements of the missing jazz singers to see when and how they were taken, Marley and Gray discover their unease with each other actually disguised a budding love. Marley and Gary quickly discover that defeating the bad guys isn’t going to be easy. With help from Marley’s family and cops who find a way to believe, Marley and Gray find a way to strike the first blow against the Embran.

When evil comes back for revenge, can two unlikely lovers find a way to defeat it? Out of Body is the first in a new series, which tells of an old psychic family.  Marley isn’t looking for love or the murders she sees happening, but both found their way to her. Gray has an open mind, which helped when he was a cop and now as a writer, but some things are harder to swallow then others. I loved watching as Gray and Marley came together, not only as a team to defeat the Embran, but also as two unexpected lovers whose passion burned brightly. What really kept me turning the pages was the intrigue and mysterious Embran that Ms. Cameron interjected through the plot. The depth of writing and description kept me on the edge of my chair wondering what would happen next. Out of Body is a spine tingling tale of murder, mystery and love that is a must read that you really won’t want to miss.

I also have to say that I have fallen under the spell of all of the Millets and can’t wait to learn more about them and their fight against the Embran.


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