Out of Mind by Stella Cameron

Court of Angels, Book 2


Paranormal Thriller

ISBN: 978-0778327691

Reviewed by Jo




Willow Millet has long ignored and turned her back on the ‘gifts’ her family says they have. Willow wants nothing more then to be a normal business owner, and her business is going great until murders begin to happen around her clients and employees. Now Willow will have to open up the door she long ago closed in order to save not only herself, but also the people she cares about.

Benedict (Ben) Fortune left New Orleans at Willow’s request. After getting a phone call telling him about the murders, Ben is back to stay and to hopefully discover why Willow turned away from their bonding. Ben is also from one of the old psychic families and knows that Willow is hiding from herself. Ben knows his gifts are strong and just hopes they are strong enough.

Willow had the strength to turn away from her bonding with Ben once but knows she won’t be able to again. Ben and Willow follow the clues to find out what is happening, and why, only to discover the Embran again. Willow’s business has taken a serious hit which makes her only more determined to discover why she seems to be the center of the activity. The passion between Ben and Willow is as strong as ever and this time neither can turn away from it. Just when Willow thinks she will have to do something serious to save her business a silver lining might have shown up but the circumstances don’t make Ben all that happy. Can Ben and Willow discover the truth about what the Embran have planned and put a stop to it?

A love thought lost is flaming again with danger as a background. Out of Mind brings Willow and Ben back together in the Court of Angels. Willow never wanted to accept she was anything other than normal. Ben always accepted his gifts and wanted nothing more than to have Willow as his bond mate. I wondered what would finally make Willow accept her heritage and should have known it would be love and loyalty to her friends and the people who trusted her. This time the Embran were much more personal in their fighting and I can’t help but wonder what will be next for them. What Ben and Willow were going through made me want to hug them, but I knew that their had to be a happy ending for them and I wasn’t wrong. I also fell for Mario, the cute little dog that found Willow. Out of Mind proves that you can never turn your back on a passion that was meant to be. The danger caused by the Embran and the discovery of more about not only the Millets, but also the other New Orleans psychic families, only intrigued me more for the next book.

You could read the Court of Angels series as stand alone books, but I think you will get much more out of the intertwining plot if you read them in order.


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