Out of Sight by Stella Cameron

Court of Angels, Book 3


Paranormal Thriller

ISBN: 978-0778327752

Reviewed by Jo




Sykes Millet is the strongest psychic in the Millet family so far, but he isn’t in charge of the family because of a family legend. Sykes is a bit different than the others in his family, and he sometimes feels like he is on the outside looking in. Sykes also sculpts statues for clients he chooses. That is a personal thing only for him, or at least until he gets a mysterious delivery.

Poppy Fortune runs her family’s restaurant/bar Fortunes along with help from her brothers when needed. While being a member of one the oldest psychic families, it hasn’t been a good thing for her family. And Poppy herself, seems to only have bits and pieces of powers – nothing really helpful. A rash action done years before makes Poppy believe that she can never have the man she wants – Sykes.

Poppy and Sykes have never really socialized together much believing that the other really doesn’t want anything to do with them. That wrong impression is shattered after one passion-filled night. Sykes is still trying to decipher his strange delivery when it become apparent that danger is surrounding Poppy. On top of that, the Embran seems to be back, but different. When the body count begins to rise, everyone hunts madly for answers that just might finally let the Millets, and the other old families of New Orleans, defeat the Embran once and for all. Or will they be the ones defeated?

Sometimes your greatest love is just under your nose. Out of Sight lets Sykes and Poppy learn just that when they open their eyes and feelings. Poppy told Sykes about her biggest mistake hoping for answers, and now thinks him lost. Sykes has fought his entire life against a family rumor, which has plagued him. I wasn’t really surprised when Poppy and Sykes became lovers just because I know that sometimes an old friend can become your greatest love. Once again I was kept intrigued by not only the discoveries that Poppy and Sykes were making, but also by the plotting Embran. Intrigue, danger and passion seems to follow the Millets and Fortunes. I loved watching just how easy Poppy and Sykes fell into love while at the same time wondering if they would have the time to explore all that was before them. Ms. Cameron did answer a few of the questions that had plagued me during the first two books, but at the same time she left open many more questions. Out of Sight is the melding of passion, danger and mystery that is Ms. Cameron’s specialty and she does not disappoint with Poppy and Sykes.

I was thrilled upon reading the final letter in the hopes that soon there will be even more books in the Court of Angels series, or at least in their world. This is a series I will be re-reading again and bet you will, too.


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