Pack Enforcer by Crissy Smith

Were Chronicles, Book 2


Erotic Shapeshifter/Paranormal

ISBN: 978-1-907280-16-0

Reviewed by Talia Ricci




Emily Black has been going to school away from her pack.  She enjoys being on her own and wants no one to ever be able to control her.  However, her freedom is short lived because someone or something is killing off unattached and unprotected female wolves and while Emily thinks she can take care of herself, her pack alpha wants her to return to the pack so she can be better protected.  Opening her door to the one person she didnít expect to come and get her, Emily is disconcerted to see Cain standing there as her escort home.  For years Emily has had a hero complex where Cain is concerned and while she loves him and desires him, a girl can only take so much rejection. Two years ago Emily gave up hope of being his mate, but the sexual tension is still more than apparent.  Until the danger to her pack passes, Cain is the protector Emily doesnít want.  He is also the man she still loves.

Let me tell you Ė Cain is more than welcome in my house.  His loyalty and yes, stubbornness and tenacity, is exactly what Emily needed.  Cain knew when to be gentle and he knew when to press the issue.  Emily had Cainís number and they both knew it.  With passion and danger and love in the air, what more could a wolf want?   Pack Enforcer  by Crissy Smith lets readers see inside the lives of shifters to their wants and needs and yes, their desires.  It is a shifter book I wonít soon forget.


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