Pentimento: Poppy by Molly Church

Torquere Press

Science Fiction M/M

ISBN: 978-1-60370-950-7

Reviewed by Lisa




Corvo has brought his lover Ardan home to Tiberia for his sisterís upcoming nuptials.  Unfortunately, itís beginning to look like the trip was a bad idea.  Too many things are reminding Ardan of the war and the fact that he is considered a slave.  Corvo wanted this to be an enjoyable visit, but thatís not the way things are turning out.

Pentimento: Poppy is an original, with a pair of star crossed lovers in a unique storyline.  Author Molly Church builds entire new worlds in this hot romance.  This isnít a standalone story though; I was scrambling to figure out the overall plotline from the start.  Pentimento: Poppy is a fast read with a pair of characters who truly love each other, but they never get a chance to fully develop.


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