Playing Wolf by Mina Carter

The Phoenix Prophecy, Book 2

Liquid Silver Books

Erotic Shapeshifter/Paranormal/Ménage

ISBN: 978-1-59578- 688-3

Reviewed by Talia Ricci




Wolf shifters Jayce and Ryder Vanir are twins.  They share everything, including women.  Both Ryder and Jayce have been watching, waiting, and running from the one woman that nature intended them to have – their mate.   And then fate steps in and before these two wolves can howl, the one woman they refuse to allow close to them finds them.

Caitlin has been tracking these two enigmatic wolves for three days.  She is tired and hungry and quite honestly, sexually frustrated.   She wants them to know that she is grown up and while she hero worshiped them when she was a young girl, she wants them to know that she is all grown up and able to make her own decisions.  Finding them in the seedy bar isn’t the best idea she has ever had, but before she can get these two sexy wolves where she wants them, a were-cat pulls a gun on her men and delivers a message.

Playing Wolf is a fun read and the storyline is boss.  Twins Ryder and Jayce don’t know their real father, but he knows them.  They desire Caitlin, however, don’t want to claim her because of some trumped up reason.  After that, the author lost me.  The sexual interludes between Caitlin and the twins were hot and sexually explicit times ten.  But no matter how emotional and intense the sexual overtones were, they didn’t make up for the fact that, quite frankly, Jayce was snarly and mean.  He wore his hatred on his sleeve and more than once I hoped that Caitlin would give him the boot.  Playing Wolf is hard at times and both Jayce and Ryder could use some training in romantic seduction.  I would have run from them.

Playing Wolf has a great plot and scorching love scenes.  But all of that doesn’t make up for the fact that one of the heroes was a total loser to me.  I couldn’t stand him.


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