Poison, Lies, and No Win Choices by Brenna Lyons

Bride Ball Series, Book 2



ISBN: 978-1-60659-983-9

Reviewed by Patrice F.




What happened before Amber and Darren’s fateful night at the revived Bride Balls? Before Hein Will met and conquered the insatiable stepsisters?  You don’t need a prim and proper fairy godmother to tell you; this is the Bride Ball where Benjamin and Alana cross wits with the avaricious Mora. This is where Hein Matthew’s destiny is forever altered when he is introduced to humility, remorse, and love.  This is the beginning and end that will shape future Bride Balls.

In Poison, Lies, and No Win Choices the stage is set at an earlier Bride Ball where cruelty and revenge engage in a fatal dance, and the innocent need protection from ruthless ambition, and even the most powerful fall victim to cunning and greed.  The purest heart is the one that saves the day, while the most skilled in court intrigue suffer the deadliest blow.  Brenna Lyons delves further into secrets and betrayals past,  recounting the stories of Benjamin, Alana, Matthew, Sira and their dark connection to the vicious Mora, future stepmother of Amber, and one of the most memorable villainess to grace the pages of this wicked futuristic-fantasy cocktail.  The question that runs through my mind after reading both novels is what, or rather, who is the poison that threatens to kill everyone’s happiness?  Mora would be the correct answer, which makes her a formidable adversary.

For newbies, it’s twice as effective if they’ve read the prequel, though not necessary.  This tale captivates because it spins an intriguing combo of sexual heat and lots of angst in excess, all tied into emotion, and a narrative that seduces the imagination through every stage.  Just remember this isn’t the Cinderella story made famous by the Grimm Brothers and the silver screen.  It’s something with one foot stretched into the real world, our present societal ills on full display.  Everything is reconstructed for adult readers (like me!) who enjoy their erotic romance tied up with a big bow of creativity that’s edgier, darker, and bolstered by a grown-up twist.


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