Ravished by a Highlander by Paula Quinn

Children of the Mist, Book 1

Warner Forever


ISBN: 978-0446552387

Reviewed by Tanya




Davina Montgomery has a number of secrets that are hidden from all but a select few.  In fact, this is not just an ordinary English Lady but in fact her true identity is one of the Crown’s most closely guarded secrets, and the reason she is hidden in a convent.  While she has led a hard life she has also grown to be highly appreciative of what she does have.  When she is shockingly betrayed, and subsequently rescued, her life will change forever.  While Davina will not let harm come to anyone because of her, she is also drawn to her rescuer.

Scottish Laird-to-be Robert MacGregor takes his role seriously.  Not only does he do what is needed for the good of his clan but he will not leave a woman in distress.  Even if the woman is not from his clan, is apparently English, and even shoots him with an arrow.  So while on route to the latest English coronation when he happens upon the attack of the convent he saves the last person he can, Davina.

Now both Rob and Davina have a huge dilemma, will they let their duty stand in the way of their love?  Or will they give into their love and potentially place not only Rob’s clan in danger but their own lives?

In my mind Paula Quinn is one of the foremost women of Scottish Highlander historical romances, and Ravished by a Highlander just helps to cement those thoughts.  Ravished by a Highlander leads the reader behind the scenes in English/ Scottish politics during a time that you don’t vote your opponents out, you murder them.  Ms. Quinn is a master in detailing the scenery and hardships that would be encountered while traveling during these times.  At the same time how could someone not fall in love with the characters of Rob and Davina and how love might just conquer all.


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