Rescued by Bailey Bradford

Southwestern Shifters, Book 1


Paranormal M/M

ISBN: 978-0-85715-041-7

Reviewed by Lisa




Just outside the town limits of Shasta, Gabriel Staley earns his income on his computer and spends the rest of his time helping to rescue stray dogs.  With the aid of childhood friend Deputy Todd Benson and local veterinarian Adam Soames, the three men are trying to make a difference.  Of course, Sheriff Kaufman likes nothing better than to kill any strays he comes across, as brutally as possible, which makes the trio act quickly to save the strays that come their way.

A frantic call from Todd to check out an injured, starving wolf will change Gabe’s life in ways he cannot imagine.  For some unknown reason Gabe feels an instant connection with the wolf to the point where he dislikes Adam even touching the wolf during a quick exam.  Whatever is going on, Gabe will do everything in his power to make this wolf better.  He even dreams of the wolf and an unknown stranger. Gabe has no idea that the man of his dreams, a stranger named Mika Blackwell, is about to turn his world upside down.  Life is about to get very interesting indeed.

An exciting, sexy new series titled Southwestern Shifters begins with Rescued.  Engaging characters and an enjoyable plotline are what make Rescued worth reading.  The foursome of Gabe, Mika, Todd, and Adam are fully fleshed out, emotionally challenged, intriguing characters who will pull readers into Rescued.  There are also some really spicy scenes between Gabe and Mika, hot enough to melt ice cubes!  Rescued has drama, mystery, hot sex, and some very sweet unsung heroes.


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