Seducing the Enemy’s Daughter by Jules Bennett

Silhouette Desire


ISBN: 9780373730179

Reviewed by Talia Ricci




Brady Stone has been planning revenge for a wrong done for years.  With an end in sight, he can’t help but think of how wonderful it will be to bring his enemy to his knees.  The only thing standing in his way? His enemy’s daughter – Samantha Donovan.  It does not matter to Brady whether Samantha is innocent of any wrongdoing or not.  He wants the victory – or so he thinks.  Brady hasn’t been exposed to the beautiful woman being that is Samantha and while he tries to keep his heart out of his plans, he has to accept that if he follows through with destroying Samantha’s father, then he destroys any hope of happiness in his future.

LOVED Brady Stone.  I just wanted to squeeze him!  He was handsome, driven, and loyal.  What he thought he wanted was exactly what he realizes he doesn’t need except for one person – Samantha Donovan.  And so Brady falls in love with the one person he never knew he needed. Jules Bennett wrote this journey perfectly and while these two well-written and special characters didn’t fall in love easily, their love is true and I am definitely hoping it last forever!

Jules Bennett is a new voice to series romance – one that I hope sings loudly in the years to come!


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