Smolder by Melina Morel

Signet Eclipse


ISBN: 978-0451228802

Reviewed by Jo




Countess Catherine Marais is from a long line of werewolf hunters. Besides that, one of them killed her father long ago and every time Catherine puts one down, itís like a strike for the good guys. Catherine never really wanted to do anything else with her life but now she is in love and needs to discover if itís possible to follow her heart and still do her job.

Ian Morgan is a vampire who loves Catherine with everything he has, but he also has respected her wish to remain human and do her job up to now. Ian knows the danger that Catherine faces every time she is called out to deal with a werewolf. This time Catherine facing a bit more danger than normal, and Ian has made arrangements to be on hand if she should need him.

When a French werewolf lives long enough to identify one of the hunters as a woman, and gives a general description, Catherine faces exposure and her worse danger to date. When Catherine and her partner discover that the French werewolves know of a female hunter, they will need to discover just how many werewolves might have figured out the truth about Catherineís vocation and destroy them before they can come up with a plan to destroy her. Timing, experience, and luck will come into play if Catherine and Ian are going to discover just how far their love can take them.

Love can develop in unexpected places when you fight the paranormal.  Smolder shows Catherine that you need to grab love with both hands when it appears, because sometimes time can be too short. Catherine follows in her fatherís footsteps every time she is called upon for an assignment, which could kill her. Ian has lived a long time and seen many things, but what he really wants is for Catherine to say she will finally be his forever. I wondered just how Catherine was going to combine her vocation with her passion for Ian from the beginning. Then, as I watched the story unfold I wondered if Ian and Catherine would even get a chance to explore their love. Luckily, both Catherine and Ian are very good at what they do and are Ė which was apparent when one wrong move could have destroyed more than just their chance at forever. I did discover that love comes in many packages as I finished with Smolder.  If you are looking for a paranormal with a different look at love, and all things that go bump in the night, you canít go wrong with trying Smolder.


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