Stallionís Pride by Jenna Byrnes & Jude Mason

Untamed Hearts, Book 4


Paranormal M/M/F

ISBN: 978-0-85715-058-5

Reviewed by Lisa




By pure accident or divine fate, Kaiís children find another amulet talisman near the cave where the cougar, bear and wolf clan amulets were previously located.  This one shapes itself into a horse.  The responsibility falls to the heads of the various clans to look for the one who should wear this newly discovered talisman.

Although Brishen is filled with doubts and concerns for the future of his gypsy changeling familya, indeed, the entire natsia or nation, soon he will have no choice but to take over.  His father, Shandor the king of the gypsy changelings, is dying and Brishen is expected to become the next king and take Tawnie, the female chosen by his father, as his mate.  How can he take Tawnie as his mate when Jal, another stallion has always had Brishenís heart and his lustful desires?  Future responsibilities weigh heavily on Brishen.

Fighting between the various gypsy familyas is increasing.  Somehow Brishen needs to reunite the people or they will never manage to survive.  Brishen has enough trouble trying to reconcile his own heart and head as it is.  But he knows his people will look towards him for their future.  How can he bring them together?

Stallionís Pride is a character driven tale with a lusty, carnal romance and emotional depth.  Indeed, much of this story focuses on Brishenís empathy towards Tawnie and Jal.  The action comes from characters introduced in previous books uniting to find the Stallionís Pride.  Well crafted story telling allows Stallionís Pride to exist as a standalone tale.  Sincere and sensual, Stallionís Pride is an enjoyable addition to the Untamed Hearts series.


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