Swallowing Darkness by Laurell K. Hamilton

Meredith Gentry, Book 7

Ballantine Books

Fantasy / Multiple Partner / Gothic

ISBN: 978-0345495945

Reviewed by Jo




Princess Meredith (Merry) is finally pregnant with twins and surprisingly or maybe not so surprising, there are multiple fathers who include members of her royal guard. Once this event was confirmed it should have ended all the intrigue and danger Meredith and her men have faced for a very long time. However, it just seems to have added to it. Instead of just her aunt’s court to worry about, Meredith has had to add several other groups to the watch list.

Merry does still have her friends and allies amongst the courts found in Faerie, but at times it seems like they are all out-numbered with people who want something from Merry, or her men, or at least to divide them up. The goddess is the strongest ally that Merry and her guard has – she seems to have their back and doesn’t mind lending Merry a hand to defeat a threat or showing a true way.  Staying alive long enough to get the goddess’s final answer on ruling faerie and to deliver her children, is an hourly goal for Merry and her guard. Especially when an attack is delivered to Merry from a place she thought might be safe for her.  After a night from hell, Merry will have her answers, and will end up making a decision that will rock Faerie for a very long time.

Which is more important blood, power, or destiny? In Swallowing Darkness, Merry, with the help of her loving guard, will have to make this decision. I have loved following Merry and her entire guard through all of their trials, cheering for them the entire time. I have to admit that a few times I wondered if Merry would ever live long enough to become pregnant. I should have known that not only could she, but that she would do it as only she could. Violence has been a part of Merry’s journey, but I have to say that one act in this book was the worst, and most personal, I have witnessed. I was not surprised in either the goddess’s, Merry’s or her guard’s actions after that horrible night. Even saying that, Swallowing Darkness is an amazing book that proves just how forgiving and healing a true love is. I know that I will be re-reading Swallowing Darkness again and it will go right up in my library with the other Merry books.

Ms. Hamilton has stated many times that this in not the last book and that we will get to see Merry, her guard, and watch as they get ready to deliver their children.  I can’t wait, and know that I’m in good company.


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